Is Your General Knowledge as Good as You Think It Is?

Are you a wiz at trivia?

Every day, we come across so much information at our fingertips. Some of us are better at retaining the information that we read than others, and this shows during certain social settings and conversations. To read and be able to remember what you read, it helps to have a good memory. How do you go about improving your memory?

Changing your diet actually helps, since eating the right foods can maintain or better your brain health. Fresh vegetables provide healthy fats, which are essential. You should also avoid sugar and grain carbohydrates. Exercise encourages your brain to work at its highest level. You should also stop multitasking, as it does make you more forgetful. A lack of sleep would also add to this, so it is necessary to get a good night's sleep. Finally, playing brain games or doing quizzes (like this one!) would definitely help you remember more things!

In this quiz, test your general knowledge to see if you're as knowledgeable as you think you are!

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Is Your General Knowledge as Good as You Think It Is? Quiz Questions

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