🍟 Eat Some Junk Foods and We’ll Reveal If Your Sense of Taste Is Superior or Just Total Trash

What's your guilty pleasure?

Junk food like potato chips, cakes, and pizza taste so good. Their irresistible taste provides us with comfort when we really need it. But such foods get a bad reputation for being extremely unhealthy, to the point that you should avoid them. But there are some good reasons for you to eat certain junk food!

Although food dyes are not known to be beneficial, the dye found in blue M&Ms has been found to reduce damage from spinal injuries. It may even help to speed up the recovery process. Cheese Whiz contains trans fat you should usually avoid, but the conjugated linoleic acid in it actually has anti-cancer attributes. This cheese spread has more of this acid than any other regular kind of cheese.

In this quiz, go on a guilt-free junk food binge as you pick out the foods that you'd enjoy the most. Based on your choices, we can determine what level your sense of taste is!

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