What Should Your Name Really Be?

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What Should Your Name Really Be?
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It's funny how a name is the most important part of the identity we have, but we don't get to determine what it is. The name our parents chose for us actually affects the extent of success we have later in life.

Research has found that people tend to favor those whose names are easy to pronounce. No wonder teachers like to call on the David's and Susan's rather than, say, Wymondham. Likewise, if your name is more common, you stand a better chance of getting hired. Guess you don't hate your name now right, John? Telling people your middle initial may cause them to perceive you as being smarter and more competent than a person without a middle name. If you're a woman with a gender-neutral name, you tend to do better in fields like engineering and law.

If you've ever wondered if there's a better name for you based on your personality and preferences, here's a quiz for that. This questionnaire will reveal what you should've actually been named!

What Should Your Name Really Be? Quiz Questions