What’s Your Personality Type? Build a Bowl of Mac ‘N’ Cheese to Find Out

Do we know who you are?

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese. No, seriously, who can resist this comfort food with all its cheesy goodness? The pasta and cheese combination may be a simple dish, but it can be elevated when you want to. The easily customizable dish's base of cheese can be adjusted by using your favorite kind. And your favorite type of cheese can say a lot about you!

If you love brie, you're a true romantic. You find ways to make every date an interesting and new experience. You're also a lover of art and culture. If you love plain ol' American cheese, you're a huge sports lover. You can't wait to be in the arena and cheer on your favorite team. Parmesan fans tend to be great cooks; you have the instinct of a chef naturally.

In this quiz, you get to build a bowl of macaroni and cheese based on what you like! Your choice of toppings and ingredients will determine the personality type you fall under.

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