👕 Plan a Man’s Outfit and We’ll Reveal What Your Next Boyfriend Will Be Like

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For anyone – men especially – it may be a challenge to diversify one's wardrobe on a limited budget. A man's shopping options simply aren't as varied as those of a woman's. So, guys need to make more informed decisions when it comes to clothes shopping. What are the essential items a guy should have in his wardrobe?

A light bomber jacket will feel breezy in the summertime and it is easy to layer on top of during the winter. It is very on trend too! A denim jacket is timeless so it works well as an outerwear option. With the same reasoning, a dark pair of slim-fit jeans is flattering on any man and is a versatile option to match a formal or casual outfit.

In this quiz, plan the outfit of a guy according to your personal tastes! Based on your choices, you will find out what your next boyfriend will be like.

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