Can You Go 20 for 20 in This Mega-Tough General Knowledge Quiz?

Your whole life has been building up to this. Sort of.

If you pride yourself on knowing a lot, you may enjoy doing general knowledge quizzes such as this one just to test those brain cells. It takes more than just being well-read to do well though; you would also need a good memory. How does one improve one's brain capabilities?

Exercise more than strengthens our body; it helps to strengthen our mind too. Working out benefits your brain health, cognition, and memory. Consistent exercise helps to prevent brain degeneration. Surprisingly, you could also drink coffee to boost brain power. The ritual of drinking coffee in the morning benefits cognitive functions and keeps you more alert. Getting more sunlight aids your mind as well, as it slows down the brain's aging process and helps you perform better mentally. Meditation helps too, as it reduces stress levels and lowers your chances of getting mental disorders.

Have you been keeping your brain agile and filled with knowledge? See how well you can do in this mega-tough general knowledge quiz!

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