So You’re a Mixed Knowledge Brainiac? Prove It by Getting at Least 18/24 on This Quiz

How much general knowledge do your brains hold?

Would you like to improve your mental flexibility, learn a few new things about trivia and establish bragging rights among your friends? If so, you should try your hand at playing this trivia quiz.

This mixed trivia quiz is comprised of general knowledge questions, some of which will be quite easy, while others will be more challenging. Do you know why it's important for a person to get sufficient exposure to sunlight? How about the color of the slippers that Dorothy wears in the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz? Are you familiar with the mountain where 12 Greek gods lived? Do you know the answer to the question, "What is the freezing point of water?" You'll find out with this quiz!

The questions cover a wide range of topics and you are sure to learn something new as you play. How will you do? There is only one way to find out. Good luck!

Quiz Playlist

Mixed Trivia Quizzes
  1. Not to Be Dramatic, But This General Knowledge Quiz Will Be the Hardest Thing You Do Today
  2. Most People Can’t Get 10/15 on This Random Knowledge Quiz ā€” Can You?
  3. This 22-Question Random Knowledge Test Will Reveal If You Know a Little or a Lot
  4. Sorry, You Can Call Yourself a Trivia Expert Only If You Can Pass This Tricky Quiz
  5. Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz While Being Distracted by šŸ¶ Cute Puppies?
  6. Prove You’re Actually Smart by Acing This General Knowledge Quiz
  7. Honestly, It Would Shock Me If You Can Slay This 25-Question Mixed Knowledge Test
  8. Do You Know a Little Bit About Everything?
  9. If You Can Pass This “True or False” Trivia Quiz Without Googling, Your Brain Is Amazing
  10. If You Ace This General Knowledge Quiz, You May Be Too Smart
  11. Can You Pass This Tricky Trivia Test Where Every Answer Begins With the Letter “T”?
  12. It Will Take a Lot of Brain Power to Score 11/15 on This Random Trivia Quiz
  13. If You Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz, You Know Something About Every Subject
  14. Test Your Global Knowledge in This Countries of the World Quiz
  15. 90% Of People Can’t Crush This Easy General Knowledge Quiz. Can You?
  16. Only the šŸ¤“ Hyperintelligent Will Ace This Random Knowledge Quiz
  17. People With Exceptionally High IQ Will Find This 20-Question Mixed Knowledge Test Exceptionally Easy
  18. This Random Knowledge Quiz May Seem Basic, But It’s Harder Than You Think
  19. Do You Actually Have a Lot of All-Rounded Knowledge? Play This Quiz to Know for Sure
  20. Can You Actually Beat a 10-Year-Old on “Jeopardy!”?
  21. If You Find This General Knowledge Quiz Easy, You’re Just Very Smart
  22. Sorry, You’ll Pass This Quiz Only If You’re a Walking Encyclopedia
  23. Are You Smart Enough to Be a Trivia Extraordinaire?
  24. Only a Trivia Genius Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz
  25. So You’re a Mixed Knowledge Brainiac? Prove It by Getting at Least 18/24 on This Quiz
  26. I Will Be Gobsmacked If You Can Get at Least 15/20 on This Mixed Knowledge Test on Your First Try
  27. If You Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz, You Have High Intelligence
  28. Only Really Smart People Can Pass This General Knowledge Quiz
  29. How Much General Knowledge Do You Have?
  30. From Gin Games to Greek Myths, Can You Tackle This Diverse 20-Question Quiz?


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