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If You Get 13/15 on This General Knowledge Quiz, You’re a Jack of All Trades

How much do you know about everything?
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It takes quite a bit of studying, or street smarts to obtain the level of knowledge required to score so well on a quiz such as this. If you can attain a high score on this general knowledge quiz then you are definitely a jack of all trades. Being aย jack of all trades is something you might find comes in very handy for you in life. It can be beneficial to both you and those around you to have a wide variety of knowledge and skills at your disposal. So many of us choose simply to study one or two fields that interest us in particular but then neglect to obtain knowledge in other fields which we find less interesting.

Those with less varied interests tend to not do as well on general knowledge quizzes such as this. If you think you happen to be a particularly intelligent individual with a wide range of knowledge then you will want to challenge yourself in this general knowledge quiz.

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If You Get 13 on This General Knowledge Quiz, You're Jack of All Trades Questions

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