15 Questions to Prove You’re More Knowledgeable Than Average

Have you got what it takes?

Almost everyone believes that they are smarter than the average person but few get the opportunity to really prove it. This trivia quiz will separate those with higher than average intellect from those with average or below average intellect.

Much like everyone thinks that they are a better driver than other people, most also feel that they are smarter than the average person. It takes an incredibly self-aware person to realize that even truly intelligent people will often find themselves in situations where they actually know less than some others around them do.

These 15 questions will separate the most well-learned people from the rest. If you think you've got what it takes to be considered smarter and more knowledgeable than the average person then give this quiz your best shot. The questions are tougher than your usual general knowledge quiz, though, so don't be too surprised if you fail.


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15 Questions to Prove You're More Knowledgeable Than Av… Quiz Questions

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