If You’re a Trivia Expert, Prove It by Getting at Least 15/20 in This Quiz

There is no other way.

If you think you're a trivia expert and have taken our previous quizzes to consistently prove that, here is a quiz that may stop you in your tracks.

How well do you know your UNESCO World Heritage sites? One of them, the Angkor Wat temple, is known to be in Asia, but do you know which country specifically? One US president was known as the "father of his country", do you know which? Back in high school we learned about chemical compounds, polygons and order of operations. But were you paying enough attention in class back then? Do you know your literature, from The Hobbit to Romeo and Juliet? These are some of the topics that will definitely be covered in this quiz.

If you're prepared for such questions and even more difficult ones, take on this quiz to test your trivia expertise! Prove that you are a master at trivia by scoring at least 15 out of 20.

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If You're Trivia Expert, Prove It by Getting 15 in This Quiz Questions

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