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Can You Answer These General Knowledge Questions Only Potential Geniuses Know?

Are you secretly a genius?
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If anyone has ever mockingly called you a genius, you've got a chance to prove to them that you're a genius for real! Take your shot answering questions from the following topics.

We will test you on how much you know your world history. What do you remember about the Trojan War, the Black Plague, and the two world wars? You need to have some geography facts handy too, as we ask you about cities and capitals of the world. Your knowledge on the solar system would be helpful, as we quiz you on the Earth's revolution around the Sun. Additionally, if you're multilinguistic, you'd have the upper hand as we'd ask you about common words in other languages. Finally, there are also literature questions for the book lovers out there.

If you're proficient in such topics, then you'd have no problem passing this quiz. Ace this one and prove to others how much of a genius you really are!

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Can You Answer General Knowledge Questions Only Potenti… Quiz Questions

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