Can You Match These Iconic Quotes to the ๐ŸฟMovies They Were Said In?

Have you seen enough movies?

If you fancy yourself something of a movie expert then you will likely enjoy this quiz. The questions on the quiz will test your knowledge of iconic movie quotes and what films they were said in. The quotes mentioned in this quiz are all from very well-known movies and you have certainly come across friends, family, or complete strangers repeating these lines as well.

Some of these quotes are actually now even more famous than the movies they were said in. Still, you would be surprised how often we confuse what lines came from what movies. Our memories arenโ€™t always quite as perfect as we want them to be. If you are a cinema fan, then you might do particularly well on this quiz. Go ahead and take this quiz, match these iconic movie quotes to the films they were said in as best you can and we will find out just how much you really know.

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Can You Match Iconic Quotes to Movies They Were Said In? Quiz Questions

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