Can You Identify the Top 20 Musicals of All Time by Just One Lyric?

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For fans of theater, Broadway represents the highest level of stage plays and musicals. This signifies how difficult it must be for a production to find success in the string of theaters located in the New York district. Despite the odds, the following musicals found great success, lasting on stage through the years even till today.

"Wicked", based on "The Wizard of Oz", debuted on Broadway on Oct. 30, 2003. Over its near fifteen-year run, the show has grossed over $1.2 billion in revenue. "The Lion King" is another outstanding production. The stage interpretation of the Disney film has been on Broadway since mid-November of 1997, grossing about $1.5 billion over the span of two decades. However, the honor of longest-running show in Broadway history goes to "The Phantom of the Opera". Since January 1988, the musical has grossed over $1.1 billion.

In this quiz, we will give you a lyric from a popular musical's soundtrack. You have to figure out which musical the line is from. Get at least half correct and you prove yourself to be a true theater fan!

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