We Know the Name of Your Next S.O. Based on the Male Celebs You Pick

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We all have our favorites when it comes to celebrities. Perhaps we may even have fantasized about meeting them every once in a while (okay, all the time). If we can pit some of these good-looking male celebs against one another, who would be your picks?

In this quiz, you get to make some hard choices and pick out your favorite celebrity men! The hotties in this quiz include Hollywood's most attractive stars and some of the most popular male celebrities in the world. Check them out and decide who your favorites are. These guys include hot male actors, musicians, singers, models, athletes, TV hosts, comedians, and anyone else who has captured the hearts and attention of men and women across the globe.

Choose one guy you love from each category. Think hard, choose wisely, for your choices will determine what the name of your next significant other is! Are you ready to find out?

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