📷 Choose Between Normal or Pinterest Foods and We’ll Reveal If You Have a Male or Female Brain

Regular ice cream or black charcoal ice cream? Your choice.

Pinterest is a trusted resource for anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge in food, fashion, hacks and a variety of other topics. It shows tried and tested methods that you can easily learn and try on your own. So it would make sense that the website's predictions for this year's food trends are on point.

Almond and soy milk gained popularity in recent years but, this year, it's oat milk's turn in the spotlight. According to Pinterest, it may even overtake dairy milk. There are also a lot more recipes for homemade jam, something that will be favored all over the world. Home cooks may start experimenting with bread baking and easily get obsessed with it.

In this quiz, you get to decide which version of popular food you prefer. Would you rather stick to the good ol' classics or would you like to try a trendier version of it? Make up your mind and find out if you have a male or female brain!

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