If You Can Pass This North American History Quiz Then You’re Super Smart

It's not an easy quiz to pass.

North American history is fairly complex and there are gaps in our knowledge. There is debate amongst scholars about the "first contact" made in the Americas. In North America, these initial encounters almost always refer to first contact between indigenous peoples and Europeans in the 16th and 17th centuries. In reality, of course, the Americas were populated by millions of people from thousands of culturally distinct communities. There were thousands of โ€œfirst contactsโ€ between these groups, as well as later European immigrants.

This quiz will test your knowledge of some of the most important periods in North American history. To do well on this quiz, you are going to have to know much about the history of the United States, Mexico, Canada, Greenland or any of the other countries located on the continent. Many of these countries have vastly different cultures, ideals, and ways of life as well. If you are a super smart person, then you should do pretty well on this quiz.

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If You Can Pass This North American History Quiz Then You're Super Smart Questions

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