Choose Between These Foods and We’ll Tell You If You Eat Like an Old or Young Person

Meatloaf or cheeseburger?

Before the current modern era where everyone is posting food pictures on social media with hashtags like #instafood and #yummy, food was simpler, and no less delicious. In the good ol' days long before processed foods, Paleo diets, and aesthetic made-for-Instagram dishes that oftentimes look better than they taste took over menus, our parents and grandparents were raised on meals that were natural and wholesome.

From classic pot roast to corned beef hash to green bean casseroles and stews, many old-school dishes deserve a spot on our dinner tables and Instagram feeds. Perhaps you are an old soul who prefers these retro dishes. Or maybe you're a foodie millennial who appreciates an artisanal meal or deconstructed coffee. Whichever it is, this quiz will figure out what sort of palate you have, and whether you actually prefer typical old person foods or have the tastes of a younger person.

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