🌮 If You’d Try 21/29 of These Street Foods, You’re Definitely an Adventurous Eater

Let's see if you have a cast-iron stomach.

Food and travel offer one of life's greatest experience pairings. One of the best things about traveling around the world is the gastronomic experience that travelers enjoy as they troop across the continents. Different regions offer unique flavors and signature dishes that visitors dig into with gusto.

While we may enjoy our share of refined cuisine and elaborate meals at restaurants, street food provides a raw on-the-ground insight on the taste of local cuisine as well as the essence of the cultures they represent. Street fare oftentimes surprises with an assortment of bizarre and exotic specialties that may seem unappealing to picky diners.

If you're up for a gustatory adventure, take this quiz to check out some unusual (yet delicious!) street eats around the world. Decide which ones you would love to try and which ones you would rather pass on, and we'll tell you if you are an adventurous gastronome or squeamish eater.

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