Can You Find 24 Street Foods Around the World on the Map?

Get ready to probe the globe with this deliciously adventurous quiz!

Trying the local cuisine is an integral part of traveling to new places. The local delicacies offer a delicious taste of the rich culture and human history of the places you visit. Forget fine dining and fancy restaurants. Around the world, some of the best, most authentic local dishes can be found right on the street.

Can you imagine visiting England without eating fish and chips? Walking down the streets of Bangkok without having phad thai or tom yum? Strolling through South Korea and not trying the spicy rice cakes? In many countries around the world, if you're skipping what's being served on the street, then you are missing out on their most iconic local dishes.

These are some of the top street foods to add to your travel bucket list. See if you can match them to their native continent. While more than a few of these foods can be found in plenty of places around the globe, we are referring to the regions they originate from.

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