Only 2% Of People Can Get a Perfect Score on This Geography Quiz — Can You?

Do you belong to the top 2%?

Online quizzes have been keeping everyone sane through lockdown and feeling connected to people outside your household. So here's another quiz to work those brain cells and see how you fare against others in terms of your world geographic knowledge.

Having factual and geographic knowledge is important, because it helps us to answer other questions we have in relation to the world we live in. If someone is aware of the significance of location, he or she is then better equipped to develop understanding of how places and features are formed, how places change and how they are valued or controlled. Knowledge of location brings appreciation of the uniqueness of places and this planet that we call home.

Only 2% of people can score perfect on this geography quiz and to tell you the truth, maybe 25% of those 2% cheated. So in a nutshell, you really need to know your stuff to score perfect on this geography quiz. There are some difficult questions in here but there are also some that you probably should know. Even if you do run into a series of questions that you don't know the answer to, at least you will get to learn something new while taking this quiz.

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Only 2% Of People Can Get Perfect Score on This Geography Quiz — Can You? Questions

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