Only Actual Geniuses Have Scored Over 15/20 on This Trivia Quiz. Will You?

There's no shame in failing this.

If you're a fan of trivia quizzes, here's a pleasant surprise for you! It's time to take on another quiz on general knowledge. If you're confident, just start taking the quiz right now. If you aren't as sure, here are some hints on what the questions are about.

Your knowledge of geography comes into play, as you will be tested on the world's oceans and rivers, and locations of popular places. There are multiple questions covering history too. Do you know about India's road to independence, the origin story of Pensacola, Florida, and the Olympic Games? It would really help. A slight interest in science would be useful, as we question you on elements of the periodic table and the human body.

Hopefully, our hints helped you enough for you to be able to take on this quiz. Your aim should be to pass because it's almost impossible to score over 15 - only actual geniuses have done so... until today?

Quiz Playlist

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