I’m Sorry to Make You Feel Old, But Only Millennials Have Eaten at Least 9/17 of These Foods

Your tastebuds hold the answer.

To appeal to the palates of millennials who are always looking to taste something new, eateries try to market unique dishes that either sound like they taste amazing or are extremely healthy. So it is inevitable that some of the foods don't live up to the hype.

You must have heard of açai bowls by now, but, you probably haven't tried one. Trust us, you don't need to. It may be popular purely due to its aesthetic value. Another overrated item sold by restaurants is any kind of elevated toast. After all, it's simply bread with toppings that you can get on your own.

In this quiz, let's figure out if you're a millennial or not. All you have to do is to tell us if you've eaten the following dishes. If you've tried at least 9 of them, we're pretty sure you were born sometime in the last twenty years.


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