What Does Your Taste in Classic TV Shows Say About You?

Let's reveal something about your inner couch surfer.

Watching television is a casual hobby to most, a pastime for some and a harmless addiction for a few! There's just something about a TV show that can take you back to a certain moment in time.

There are a handful of classic, popular rerun shows such as The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, and Leave It To Beaver that still continue to pique our interest even decades after they first aired.

Whatever show flickers across your screen most frequently, one thing is for sure: your taste in TV shows says something about you. We have a strong feeling that your preferences on TV reveal much more about you than you might think.

Rate these 15 TV shows that originated from the years spanning 1950s to 1990s according to how much you like each one. We'll then see if we can crack the code of your favorite shows and tell you something about your inner couch surfer.

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What Does Your Taste in Classic TV Shows Say About You? Quiz Questions

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