🍝 Order Your Dream Pasta Dinner and We’ll Describe Your Love Life in One Word ❤

Is your love life saucy?

Who doesn't love pasta? Pasta in different shapes and sizes combined with hot or cold sauces and meats, fish or vegetables makes this a highly versatile and irresistible dish. It would take a lifetime to explore the endless possibilities, so here are the must-try dishes for you!

The classic spaghetti carbonara should be at the top of everyone's list; it is a simple dish that packs a punch. Spaghetti tossed in a sauce made with bacon, cheese, and egg yolk - what's not to like? A dish that isn't nearly as popular but still worthy of its calorites is gnocchi in parmesan cream sauce. Different-sized dough dumplings make this a filling meal, especially when paired with a sauce made with cream and cheese. Sprinkle some prosciutto pieces if you prefer.

Is your love life hot and exciting like the spicy arrabiata penne or bleak and black like the squid ink tagliolini? Order your ideal pasta dinner in this delicious quiz and we'll find one word that best represents your love life!

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