Only a Movie Genius Can Name 16/20 of These Oscar Best Picture Winners from Their Posters

Is your movie knowledge worthy of an Academy Award?

Movies that win the prestigious Best Picture Academy Award earn it with their immersive screenplay, intriguing dialogues, and a mesh of movie magic. These winners usually have eye-catching posters that go with them, but which would grab the hypothetical Oscar for Best Poster?

The 1956 adventure flick, Around the World in 80 Days, has a fun illustration that captures the energy of the movie as its poster. It does break the "show, don't tell" rule with its multiple statements all over the poster, but we can forgive them, as it adds to the appeal in this case. Musical-turned-movie, West Side Story, has a simplistic poster with a two-color scheme and a deliberate font choice. The illustration of the stairs and two people on them alludes to the storyline.

We'll show you posters of movies that have won the Oscar for Best Picture - but there's a catch. We've removed the titles from the images. Can you still identify the movies?

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