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Pick Some Female Celebs and We’ll Give You a Cute Puppy to Adopt

Because there's nothing better than the gift of puppies.

Women are wonderful. Their strength is silent; it's willful and confident but not overwrought or bulky. They're tough as nails. They've had to fight (and continue to fight) for equal rights.

Just look at Hollywood, and you'll see a dazzling constellation of women who continue to push the entertainment industry to bright new levels. DC films is finally giving the male-led Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for its comic-book money thanks to Diane Nelson's trust in Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot, who turned out one of the top movies of 2017, Wonder Woman.

Take your time picking out your favorite female celebrities in this quiz. Your choices of actresses, comedians, athletes, and musicians will help us recommend the best dog breed for you to adopt! Do keep in mind that if you're thinking of adopting a dog as a pet, it's not as simple as heading down to the center and picking out the cutest pup. There are a lot of things to consider. But there's nothing wrong with celebrating women and cute pups in a fun quiz right?


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Pick Female Celebs & I'll Give You a Cute Puppy to Adopt Quiz Questions

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