Plan a Perfect Date and We’ll Hook You up With a Hot Celeb Boyfriend!

We want to know every detail!

What do you think constitutes the perfect date? Everyone would have their own answers to that question, so let us narrow it down to the opinions shared by most people.

Most people prefer setting up the date early. If you call up someone at 3pm one day and want them to go out with you that same evening, you're probably expecting too much. As for the location, many women prefer going to a place closer to their homes on the first couple of dates. Why? So that the guy can walk them back home after.

However, no matter how perfectly you plan the details, the person you're on the date with sets the tone. If they're unable to hold a conversation or behave in a gentlemanly manner, can you even enjoy the date?

Visualize your dream date and tell us how it goes. We want to know every detail! Once we've got an idea of what you like, we can tell you which hot celebrity would be the perfect boyfriend for you.

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