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❄️ Can We Guess Your Generation Based on the Winter Vacation You Plan?

Would you rather go skiing or sleep in?
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This may seem odd, but we can determine what generation you are from based purely on how you plan a winter vacation. This might seem an impossible task, but we've actually got it down to something of an art form. There are activities you plan, and ways you go about scheduling a vacation that give your age away. It's not an exact science but it's close enough that we should be able to calculate what generation you are from.

People from different age groups and generations have varying ideas on how they go about their vacations. Your habits, vacation preferences, types of activities you choose to do, and more give away your true age and the context within which you grew up.

You might be an outlier who does things differently from others in your generation but there's a good chance that we should be able to accurately guess what cohort you belong to based on what your ideal snowy holiday looks like. Go ahead and take this quiz, plan a lovely winter vacation, and we will reveal what generation you are from.

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