Let’s Finally Decide If These Popular TV Shows Are Overrated, Underrated, Or Accurately Rated

Time to be an armchair critic.

Audiences have been captivated by television since the first sitcoms aired in the late 1940s. Naturally, TV shows have come a long way since the early days of black and white shows, resulting in a rich variety of styles.

Change is the only constant in life, and television has changed so much in recent years indeed. The youngsters of today consume content differently than how our great grandparents enjoyed it in the decades past. With the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and countless other streaming services at our disposal, many of the most popular TV shows currently are easily streamed right from home. Anyone can watch shows with any number of devices from your phone to big-screen TVs.

Certainly, every decade since the beginnings of television has put forth its respective slate of highly rated shows. We're curious to know if you think the most popular shows are overrated, underrated, or accurately rated.

How to play:

  • If you believe a show is rated too highly by other people, i.e. you think it is not as good as others have said, then choose "Overrated".
  • If you think others have rated it below what it deserves, i.e. you think it is better than others have said, then choose "Underrated".
  • If you feel it's exactly where it should be, then choose "Accurately rated".
  • If you haven't seen it or heard of it, choose "Never seen it".

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