🍺 How Well Will You Actually Do in a Pub Quiz?

Are you sober enough to win this?

We have set up our very own pub quiz just for you! Have a go at it to see how much you really know about the different areas of general knowledge. Want a hint on what you can expect? Read on!

There will be a couple of questions on sports and prominent personalities from the sporting world. This includes a certain pair of sisters who have broken boundaries in the tennis world. Geography plays a big part in the quiz, as you will be tested on the locations of different landmarks, capital cities, and regions. Pop culture is always a fun part of pub quizzes, so that will definitely be covered as well. Hopefully, you have an interest in recent movies, because that will come in extremely handy!

After having some insight on what you can expect in this quiz, do you think you would do well in an actual pub quiz? Try this one out and see for yourself!

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