Make Some Impossible “🐶Puppy Vs. 🍕Food” Choices and We’ll Guess Your Actual and Emotional Ages

You might be wondering, "What do these things have to do with each other?" But please, trust us on this. We are professionals.

Let's talk about pups and food. If you've ever pondered what sort of human food is safe for these lovely creatures, here are some dog-friendly food items that you probably have at home already.

Ever saw videos of dogs licking peanut butter and got worried about it? Well, there's no need to! Peanut butter is a great treat to give a dog as it is packed full of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and some more good stuff. Chicken is perfect for dogs, especially the bones they love so much. However, remember not to cook the bones, as cooked ones splinter and may hurt your little friend.

We've set you a pretty simple challenge in this quiz - you just have to pick one out of two options. The twist? We pit an adorable pup against a delicious comfort food. We're not monsters, but if you want us to guess your actual and emotional ages, then you have to pick just one!

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