Tell Us How You Feel About ’90s Fashion and We’ll Guess How Old You Are

Is it time for these '90s styles to make a comeback?

The '90s were a breeding ground for iconic fashion, with the flashier '80s giving way to more minimalistic fashion styles. Tattoos and piercings, once considered taboo, were embraced. The nineties were also a great time for pop culture and entertainment. Good-looking boybands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC set hearts aflutter while style stars like Britney unleashed "...Baby One More Time" on us and changed our teen years forever.

Some of the trends of the decade include midriff tops, high-cut sneakers, colorful windbreakers, chokers, mood rings and caps worn any other way except the correct way. Were you too young to dress yourself or were you a part of the fad and cringing right now as you looked back on those times? Some of these items have even made a comeback today, with many millennials sporting them.

Take a nostalgic walk down memory lane with these '90s fashion items. Let us know how much you like or loathe them, and whether you'd wear these once-trendy styles. Based on your opinions, we reckon we can guess how old you are!

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