๐Ÿ‘— Rate These Oscar Dresses and We’ll Guess Your Age and Height

Would you wear these on the red carpet?

When the awards season comes by each year, what do many people look forward to? The outfits on the red carpets! Yes, some people even overlook the nominees, winners and the awards show itself to check out the fashion choices of the popular celebrities gracing the event. Do you remember the winner of Best Actress in 2012 or Angelina Jolie's iconic leg-baring dress at the same awards show?

Entertainment channels compete to get the first look at a female celeb's dress (or whatever they're wearing). Did they choose to wear a dress that is metallic, sheer, fully covered, long sleeved, unconventional or simple? As the years go by, celebrities have found new ways or reinvented old ones to stand out in the crowd, even if they don't win any awards!

Be a fashion critic in this quiz! Tell us what you think of the following dresses worn at several Academy Awards ceremonies over the years. Based on what you grade these dresses, we can accurately guess how old and how tall you are!

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