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Rate Unusual Tattoos to Know What Tattoo You Should Get Quiz

Tattoos have become a form of expression for many men and women of all ages today. The customizable body art is a big commitment for anyone, due to it being permanent. Do you know what tattoos were used for long before our times?

There have been strong claims that tattooing existed from 12,000 BC, with different cultures using it in various ways. Women from the Asian island of Borneo used tattoos to represent a certain skill, such as weaving or hunting. This tells potential partners what they have to offer. In Greece, tattoos were used to identify spies according to their ranks. Romans used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals, with the latter still in practice in certain areas today. It's amazing to see how much the usage of tattoos have developed in the modern era, with it largely being a decorative form of body modification today.

Take a good look at some interesting tattoos and judge them all you want. We'll analyze your ratings to suggest a cool new tattoo for you to ink onto your body!


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