Recast Marvel Characters for Television and We’ll Reveal Your Superhero Doppelganger

Who should play the Hulk?

Wouldn't it be fun to take the reins of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? To have the power to cast new actors to play these iconic roles? Within this quiz we will give you exactly that kind of power. Go ahead and recast the key characters of the Marvel films and we will reveal which superhero is your doppelgänger.

The actors you cast to portray certain roles will reveal things about your personality that will help us in determining which superhero you are the most like. Perhaps you are most like Captain America, the World War II era soldier who was given a Super Soldier Serum to make up for his physical inadequacies. Then again, you might be like Wanda Maximoff and be willing to bend reality to make it what you most desire personally. There is a quick way to find out which superhero you share a personality with and that's by taking this quiz.

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