Pretend to Order from Different Restaurants’ Kids Menus and We’ll Guess Your Birth Order

Are you the oldest, middle, youngest or only child?

Taking kids out for a meal requires more consideration since you have to pick a restaurant with suitable food for them. Meals for kids need to look visually enticing, and at the same time also provide the much-needed nutrition for the little ones.

Hard Rock Cafe offers some great dishes that children will love. One such dish is their Chillin' With Chicken Salad. The dish has healthier elements like chopped lettuce and carrot sticks, with tastier elements in the form of shredded cheese and chicken cubes. The salad is served on an attractive guitar-shaped plate, in keeping with the theme of the restaurant. Uno Pizzeria & Grill also offer a great option in the form of their Pick-A-Pasta. Kids can customize their pasta exactly how they want.

Pretend like you're ordering from various restaurants' kids menus. What would you pick? Your choices will help us determine whether you were born the oldest, youngest or middle child in the family.

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