🍟 Can You Survive a Day Working at McDonald’s?

Are you Lovin' It?

🍟 Can You Survive a Day Working at McDonald's? Quiz

There's a good chance that you would not even survive a shift working at McDonald's. Be it the always broken ice cream machine, the ball pit, or the customers themselves, something may happen during your first day at McDonald's that will ultimately lead to it being your last. This is neither a good or a bad thing, it's just simply the way things are. Working for fast food restaurants is a rite of passage that many people take at some point in their lives. Why we force this on so many young people is a question that is not entirely clear if there is a good answer to.

If you would like to see just how well you would fare working just one shift at a McDonald's restaurant then go ahead and take this quiz. Perhaps you would actually thrive working at McDonald's! There is only one way to find out.


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🍟 Can You Survive a Day Working at McDonald's? Quiz Questions