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Can You Earn 1 Million Dollars in a Week?

Will you do whatever it takes?
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Every one of us has probably wanted to be a millionaire at some point. Who wouldn't want to have financial stability and say goodbye to money woes? Although the conventional path is to work hard in your chosen career to make that money overtime, some people have broken barriers and gotten that status through other means.

Young entrepreneur Cameron Johnson started an email forwarding company, which led him to become a millionaire before he even finished high school. But where did this young man get all that money to start a business? He sold his sister's Beanie Babies! Phil Ozersky was just another baseball fan watching St. Louis Cardinal's power hitter Mark McGuire smash his 70th home run of the season and breaking the all-time record. But this extremely lucky fan managed to catch that record-breaking ball, and sold it for $3.05 million just three months later!

In this quiz, we're challenging you to make a million bucks in just seven days! Will you do whatever it takes?

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