Trust Me, I Can Tell Which Generation You’re from Based on the Retro Food You Like

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Trust Me, I Can Tell Which Generation You're from by Re… Quiz

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the long-lost foods from the '60s and the '70s. The era of Happy Days was filled with Jell-O salad molds, aspics, and mayonnaise-fruit mixtures. Frozen food was a new invention in the 1950s, and it quickly became popular. It was an easy way to make a meal, and a lot of families had a freezer in their home. Kids loved frozen dinners and frozen pizzas because they were tasty.

Many of the dishes from a half-century ago have not aged well, but some definitely deserve a comeback. What we really want to know is — would you eat these retro foods now? Your preferences of these retro dishes and desserts can be used to determine which generation you fit in with.

Take this quiz to see what your retro food preferences reveal about your generation. If you grew up during those years, this quiz would be particularly interesting for you.


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Trust Me, I Can Tell Which Generation You're from by Re… Quiz Questions