Only Someone Who Paid Really Close Attention in School Can Get 16/22 on This Science Quiz

Make your teacher proud.

We learn quite a bit about the various sciences in schools. Yet science is so much more than a subject studied in school. It provides the basic framework for the rules that govern the natural world. Even after we leave school, it is important to not forget the things we've learned especially when science rules our daily life.

Knowing the principles and fundamentals of science can help you in many practical ways throughout your everyday life. Never underestimate the power of science knowledge. The ability to know facts, science facts, is often overlooked as a useful skill to have.

So now here's your chance to challenge the science genius in you. If you want to find out whether you have retained the knowledge you gained at school, this might just be the quiz for you. This quiz will help you brush up on some fundamental science knowledge that you may have forgotten. Are you ready to take your brain over the hurdles? Don't worry โ€” no rocket science knowledge is required.

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Only Someone Who Paid Close Attention in School Can Get 16 on This Science Quiz Questions

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