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The study of geography develops an understanding of people, places and environments throughout the world. There are many different ways to learn about geography. One way is to travel to different places and learn about the different cultures and customs. Another way is to study maps and learn about the different physical features of the earth. You can also learn about the history of different places and how they have changed over time. Of course, you can also do quizzes on Quizly to level up your geography knowledge.

To help you on your quest for greater intelligence, here's a quiz to test the limits of your geography knowledge. The wide range of questions covering many different geography topics will have you scratching your head for answers! If you can score at least 75 percent on this difficult geography quiz then we know for sure you are a particularly knowledgeable person. A hundred percent would prove you are seriously smart. Are you ready to take your brain over the hurdles?

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