Spend a Day in Paris and We’ll Reveal a Truth About You

It's time to visit the City of Light!

Have you ever wanted to visit Paris, France? I don't think anyone would honestly say no to that! The City of Light is home to some of the best tourist spots in Europe, and in fact, the world! Along with quintessential visits to Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa, you would also want to have some time dedicated to shopping and dining.

To cover all the historical landmarks, museums, monuments, and royal palaces, have traditional French food and admire beautiful fashion and art pieces, you'd need weeks! What if you have a day to spend in the beautiful city? How would you plan it out? Well, that's what this quiz is for!

We've created a loose schedule of your Parisian day. You get to pick out where you want to go, choose what you want to eat and decide how you want to travel. Based on your final itinerary, we can reveal something about you that is definitely true.

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