Only Straight a Students Can Get 16/22 on This Trivia Quiz

Find out if you make the grade or not.

Back in school, getting straight As was the goal for many of us. But as an adult, that achievement doesn't seem to matter much anymore... until now. Hark back to those glory days and see if you can do well on a quiz like this! Math, Physics, History, Geography, you will be quizzed on topics from various school subjects.

Remember those Chemistry classes where Mr. White taught you about atoms and molecules? Do you still recall what is in the nucleus of an atom? Have you ever wondered which body part contains the hardest substance of your whole body? In this quiz, you have to answer that! You must also know how to do a lot of basic mathematical equations to get through this test. Along with that knowledge, it's important for you to know units of measurements for various scientific aspects!

Prove to yourself and your friends how good of a student you were in your younger days by scoring at least 70 per cent on this test.

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