Order Some Takeout Meals and We’ll Reveal If You’re Weird or Not Weird

Are you weird or normal?

Ordering takeout for meals is a popular choice these days. After all, who doesn't enjoy having their favorite food in the comfort of their own home? Many people tend to choose this option over cooking for the sake of efficiency. But which meals do most people decide to order?

The takeout culture is huge in America. You would think Chinese food or pizza would top the list of most popular food, but they're second and third respectively. Instead, chicken takes the first spot, with many Americans favoring wings and tenders, and chicken breast as a healthier option. Build-your-own bowls seem to be rising in popularity in many cities, including Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles due to the increasing interest in healthier food choices.

In this quiz, you get to order some takeout for all your meals. Fancy some Mexican? You've got it. In the mood for a sweet treat? Here you go! Your picks will help us determine if you're weird or actually normal.

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