Tell Us About Your BFF and We’ll Guess Her First Name

Can we read your mind?

Friendship is a wonderful kind of love. You hang out with your best friend doing the things you bonded over, be it shopping, playing sports, or watching your favorite TV shows. You also get to know a lot about each other through the time you spend together. But do you talk about important things you should know about each other?

Do you know what your bestie's pet peeves are? It's good to know what triggers her so that you can avoid it. It's also nice to know what her choice of comfort food is so that you can cheer her up when she's down. True BFFs know what each other's ambitions are. They support each other and help the other person achieve what she wants because that's what best friends do.

In this quiz, it's time to celebrate your best friend forever! Show us how well you know your BFF and we'll accurately guess her first name.

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