Your Trendy Food Preferences Will Allow Us to Guess Your Generation With 100% Accuracy

Are you a millennial?

Food trends are harder to keep up with than ever before. Restaurants and cafes are actively searching for ways to one-up each other and come up with something unique that would attract more customers. For you to be a cut above the rest, here is some insight on upcoming trends in the world of food!

Mushrooms will be taking on a more prominent role in the coming year. The rich and meat-like texture of edible fungi will be a coveted ingredient. Another trend is swapping unhealthy items with healthier versions of it. For example, zucchini noodles instead of spaghetti, cauliflower for your pizza crust, and using avocados in baking as a substitute for eggs. Zero-food waste is another huge up-and-coming trend, with chefs aiming to utilize ingredients to their maximum capability.

In this quiz, you get to share your opinions on popular food trends! Tell us what you think of these cool new creations and we will guess which generation you are from.

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