Prove to Be a Trivia Genius by Answering These 20 Random Questions

Challenge your wits!

Are you a general knowledge genius? Do your friends refer to you as the smart one and look to you for answers to weird science questions? This quiz is exactly what you are meant to take.

Your geographical knowledge needs to be on point. Not only do you need to know where different cities and countries are found, you should also know what they are famous for. It would help to have a good grasp of world history, as you identify the facts for different countries. You should also know about various animals, including whales and bats. Some pop culture knowledge will be helpful, but that would be a breeze if you're a fan of Space Jam.

If you have a firm hold on the mentioned topics, you're ready to take on this difficult quiz. You can always take the easy way out by asking the mystical Google for answers, but where's the fun in that right?

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Prove to Be Trivia Genius by Answering 20 Random Questi… Quiz Questions

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