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Assemble a TV Detective Team and We’ll Tell You How Likely They Are to Solve Your Murder

Will justice be served?
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Throughout the course of television history, there are been plenty of detectives that graced our screens. Some of these crime-solving sleuths are more talented and competent than others, while a few are simply there to offer comic relief. Many of these TV detectives would find solving crimes in the real world far more difficult than it is on television.

This quiz will ask you to put together a team of crime solvers from various TV series to help solve a murder. It's not just any murder either. This team would be putting their heads together to try to bring your murderer to justice. If you pick the right detectives, justice will be served and your killer will be charged and imprisoned for their crime. Choose the wrong detectives, however, and your killer will walk free. Go ahead and take this quiz, choose between various television detectives, and we will let you know if they are skillful and clever enough to solve the crime.

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