🍦 It’s Time to Vote “Yay” Or “Nay” On These Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

Would you say yay to lobster ice cream?

Ice cream out of the pint is delicious. There are the standard flavors, like vanilla, mint choc chip, butter pecan, and strawberry, that are mainstays in any ice cream parlor. Then there are also some highly unusual ice cream creations that have been concocted by creative geniuses to tantalize (or shock) our taste buds. Lobster ice cream, ketchup and mayo, chocolate bourbon, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos ice cream are only a few of the oddest ice cream flavors out there, and it shows that almost anything can be turned into a frozen cream dessert.

Treat yourself to this quiz featuring the most outrageous ice cream flavors ever invented. From mouthwatering combinations you wouldn't believe you have not tried yet to the downright bizarre, here are some of the quirkiest ice cream flavors that have ever been made. Are you adventurous enough to try them all or will some of these make you scream?

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