🐻 Can You Identify These US States Based on Their Official Animals?

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Every state in the U.S. has its own official animal. Many have multiple state animals, including an official mammal, bird, amphibian, and some other types of animals as well. A state animal is one chosen to represent the state it is from. In many cases, the animal will have something to do with the state itself. The species might be more prevalent in that state than elsewhere in the country or it might just be a creature that has become synonymous with the people, culture, and history in that region.

There is something about the official animals of different states which sum up the differences between regions in the country. Animals can be very symbolic and the official animals of each state say much about the people who live there. This quiz will test your ability to identify various states in the United States based on their official animals.

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Can You Identify US States by Their Official Animals? Quiz Questions

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